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  • Nostalgia . Jun-Jul.2018

    “A piece with delicately balanced objects suspended in midair by wire, each individual part move independently as when stirred by a breeze, quickly responding to impulses”

    In this installation, I invite you to walk through a personal memory representation of the Forest of Fontainebleau, one of the largest in France, where I grew up. It is for me the first place where I get inspired, but also where I started to collect my “treasures”, fascinating and unique elements. Ever since I moved from there seven years ago, I kept expanding my collection of gatherings. Here are some of them…

    Nostalgia is the pictured representation of a distant memory. Enhanced by the years, the sensations became more intense and every souvenir more precious, crystallizing the memory into an aesthetic dream.

    In the installation, I recreate a profoundly personal way of perceiving the forest and nature. The floor is covered with forest’s soil, recovering the smell of the pine needles and the moist moss. When walking into the room, you could also recall the noise of the cracking nuts and branches. The Mobile in the center is calling to your sight, inviting you to come closer to take the time to observe the hanging curiosities and walk under the metallic canopy. The subtle balance of each branch allows the entire piece to move slowly, materializing the elusive nature of memory.

    The lamp in the middle contains a plant very common in the forest of Fontainebleau. It is self-sustainable, able to recycle the air of the enclosed space and renew the leaves at a relatively fast pace. The living plant shapes the light and the shadows and stands as the glowing heart of the room.