Nynobo Fanny Noel

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  • Cabinet of Curiosity . Dec.2017

    The Cabinet is telling the story of a transformation, from an Empire style cabinet, to a stack of rocks. This story-line is not written and doesn't want to be read. It is an invitation for you to project your own story.

    This piece has been mainly shaped by the force of gravity, and the making of it felt more like a dialogue than a construction. I let myself guide and try to get closer to naturals and organics shapes. I believe that somehow, by "shaping itself", the cabinet also acquire a more universal reach, some sort of organic language. Theses shapes, textures and colors may have been already experienced in the past, because they are close to what can be found in our natural surrounding.

    Therefore, the Cabinet of Curiosity is an invitation for recall, for a buried memory to reemerge.

    Presented in Container No.1, the Cabinet was combined with a set of microphones and speakers, allowing it to whisper back any sound and discussion produced in its presence.

    Bronze . Plaster . Mixed Materials with Natural Pigments