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  • Dreams of Lands . 2023

    Handbound book printed at the Royal Academy of Arts . The Hague.

    Dreams of Lands is a research, collection, and exploration of my personal relations to the non-human world in the face of global warming.

    In this short book, I question the relevance of current cultural and artistic production in the Western world. Inspired by decolonial discourses, Native American cosmologies, and contemporary philosophers and physicians, I propose an alternative way of making art for and with the human and non-human world.

    'Dreams of Lands' consists of a theoretical part that I presented as my thesis, a practical guide for an artist to start their garden, and an archive of the setting up of a garden in the Royal Academy of the Arts, together with the staff and student community.

    Read online here or email at info@nynobo.com for a physical copy

    Graphic design: Tuana Inhan
    Contributor: Wieneke Bremer