Nynobo Fanny Noel

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  • Didier Noël,

    Jeanne Noël,
    Paris, France.

    Unnamed child,
    North America.

    Danielle Ta'Sheena Finn (Hunkpapa Lakota)
    Bismarck, USA.

    Nicole Noël
    and Anna Nguyen Van Rot (Dang Thi Nhan).
    Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Fanny Noel,
    Den Haag, The Netherlands.

    Fanny Noel,
    Den Haag, The Netherlands.

    Unnamed child and woman,

    Sarah Winnemucca "Princess Sarah",
    Nevada, USA.

    "Grand-mère" Souira, Sarah Lola
    and Nina Temmam,
    Tunis, Tunisia.

    Louise Noël (Nguyen Van Rot), Nicole
    and Didier Noël.
    Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Roger Bonan and Sarah Lola Temmam.
    Tunis, Tunisia.

    Lizzie and Emma Sue Penheimmer.
    Winnemucca, USA.

    Fanny, Marie-Laure and Olivia Noël.
    Avon, France.

    Entangled Heritage. Dec. 2020 - June. 2021

    "There are songs which seems to touch deeper parts of you than you know. Something get caught in your throat, and your heart weights a ton.
    Why do I get overwhelmed by Tuvan music and whild open lands?

    When I read Michael Mannusta Garrett's teachings of the Cherokee Medicine, I felt an immense sense of belonging.
    Many of my personal beliefs, which I thought were made-up, were actually very close to his writings.

    I have searched in my origins for a genetic connection with Native Americans and Tuvans, but as far as 30 000 years ago, there are no traces of shared parents.
    Still, when I look at their portraits, I see myself.

    I know that I am not allowed to do that.

    I am the product of French colonial history, the bearer of its reality.
    I can see its deaths, oppressions, and exploitations, but also the love, caring and sharing of my own family's history.
    I can't choose to discard one for the other, and now between shame and pride, I don't take any.

    I won't hurt, I won't steal. I have been told that I am a white person but I am kind and caring.

    Please, let me learn from your culture what is unknown in mine."