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  • In Motion . 2017

    This research started from the reaction’s observation of textile dye in plaster. The lamps are composed of several pigments, each having different chemical compositions, thus different behaviors. With a limited amount of water, the highly soluble pigments will color wide areas of the lamp, and the less soluble ones will create thin lines and layers. At a same time, the textile dye contains a small amount of sodium. Watering the plant also makes the lamp grow. At a slower pace than the color change, salt crystals will start forming around the lamp and transform its shape.

    As you take care for the plant, you are invitated to look at the lamp weekly. The regular and close observation of it makes you notice the slight changes and trigger you in a different pace of living. The plant initiate this movement, an imitation of the nature’s behavior at a smaller scale.

    In Motion aim to change the users relation to objects and make him think about the time as part of all things, in degradation, change and growth of what is commonly considered inanimated object.

    Textile Dye . Plaster . Steel Rod